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Dec 30, 2012 10:00am PST
to china beginning a string of meetings that would eventually open that isolated eastern nation to the western world. that opening checked soviet expansionism and in a sense was the beginning of the end of the cold war. >> this was the week that changed the world. >> it was also the beginning of china's entry into the world economy, which has resulted in that country becoming the world's second largest economy. >> red china's battle plan. >> but back then the idea of a rapprochement with china would have been rejected as pure fantasy. china was a communist regime that had been fighting america and its allies across the globe. how did the decision come about in the midst of such intense opposition? what were the internal maneuverings that paved the way, the secret dealings that made it actually happen? who better to ask than the man himself, dr. henry kissinger. this is what the world looked like when you enter into the white house with richard nixon. the united states has had no relations with china. we have been implacably opposed to this regime. we fought against them, america
Dec 30, 2012 7:00am EST
. as far as china is concerned, we don't tariff, we don't put that high of a tariff on their imports but yet i don't know the exact numbers but i believe it's a lot higher that they tax our imports in their country. and the whole thing with jobs. he created the apple scommuret in california in his garage but yet when he got successful he moves all his company over to china, giving chinese people jobs. if steve jobs was born in china he wouldn't even have a garage therefore he wouldn't be able to create the apple computer. so i just think we just don't do enough for the people of this country. and the people who are in position to create jobs and do this do not reinvest in the country. therefore i don't think they should get tax breaks. if you want to give these corporate giants tax breaks then give it to those who want to invest in the country, who want to create jobs here, not overcease, and they think try to think of ways to get their money over there into here lower than say the american businessman paying 35%. guest: i mean, i understand your frustration. i think part of it is th
Dec 30, 2012 10:00am PST
personas han resultado heridas a raiz de accidentes automovilisticos causados por el mal tiempo en china en las ultimas horas. uno de ellos fue un choque multiple provocado por un camion cargado de naranjas. dos manifestantes resultaron heridos, despues que los guardaespaldas de un reconocido politico iraqui comenzara a dispararle a una gigantesca multitud que protestaba contra el gobierno de ese pais.y la india amanecio con la noticia de la incineracion de la joven que fue violada por seis hombres en un autotobus en nueva delhi. las manifestaciones han sido para rendir homenaje a la victima, pedir justicia y reclamar mayores medidas de seguridad para las mujeres. ahora regresamos a la discusion y el debate con maria elena salinas. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> bueno, maÑana se acaba el 2012 aÑo en el que el mundo toÓo decisiones importantes en elecciones en latinoamÉrica y estados unidos. un aÑo de lucha migratorios, con triunfos y fracasos, catÁstrofes y momentos lamentables como la masacre en connecticut, para usted cuÁl fue la noticia mas importante un resumen. >>> el aÑo 2012 comenzÓ con
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)